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Purchase Our Products

To purchase any broadcast equipment, please call 513-436-0089.  All broadcast transmission equipment will be sold only to licensed broadcast facilities.

To purchase Charted '60s and Charted '70s music libraries, please download and fill out our Music Library Agreement form.  Then email it to raduga@raduga.net.

The field descriptions in RED text are required.

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To select multiple products hold down your Control button while clicking your choices.

No orders will be processed unless a valid phone number, street address is given.  Fraudulent orders will be reported.  Customers requesting their order on CD-Rom will be charged an additional $25.  All Raduga Automation Systems must be verified by phone and initial order must be made by phone.  No orders of Raduga Automation Systems will be processed without a signed credit card receipt or a cleared pre-payment.  Shipping and handling is not included in Raduga System prices and is an extra charge.  No refunds will be made on any software product. All sales are final.   Instead we provide a demo download for you to try before you buy to ensure that all of our software products meet your needs.  By supplying credit card information, purchasing ANY of our software products by submitting your order by pressing the "BUY" button below, you agree to our purchase terms and understand completely that there will be no monetary refunds.  Raduga v3.94. will not run on Windows NT, 2000, ME, 98 or 95.  For NT users we can provide our v3.11 which will run properly on Windows NT.  Raduga v3.8.7 will run on Windows 98 & ME.  However for most stability we recommend Windows XP platforms.   When ordering any of our Music Library packages you will be required to sign a Lease and License agreement for stating that you are a broadcast facility.  These can not be leased to individuals.  Please specify if you would like to order wav or mp3 format and CD or Hard Drive.  There will be an additional $100 charge for wav formatted CD's on the 1295+ package and an extra charge if you order the songs on HD.  Shipping not included in price of Music Libraries, CD's or Dongles. Prices listed do not include small separate credit card processing fee.

Card Type: *
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CVV Code: *  (This is the 3-digit number on the reverse side of your card)

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This is not the name of your bank, but the name of the institution who issued you your card or rather the name of the company who bills you monthly for your credit card payment.  To be sure you are providing the correct information please check your credit card statement.  For example, you might bank at Provident Bank which is where you applied for a credit card.  They in turn applied for a Visa card for you at Benders' Credit House.  The name we are looking for is "Bender's Credit House", not Provident Bank.  To make sure you are reporting to us the correct information, please check the name of the company who bills you for your credit card.  We can not process your order without this important information.

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