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Third Party Software

Three useful Raduga utilities.

1. Raduga Batch Overlap Processor

You may or may not know that you can create custom overlaps by adding ~XX.XX to the end of your audio filename. Here is an example:

Old format:
Beatles - Let it be.mp3

New format:
Beatles Let it be~12.33.mp3

The "~12.33" tells Raduga that when "Let it be" has only 12.33 seconds left it should fire off the next item in your Master Playlist. It was a brilliant idea and works well. We have had several requests from users that they want an automated way to add these overlap times that is based on decibel volume levels. So I went in search of a developer that could get the job done. I didn't have to look far when Sqrsoft Software had the same idea. They approached me and the next thing you know, a brilliant and useful tool was developed for you. You can now purchase it for only US $79.

Download the demo today.


The demo is restricted to 12 sessions and 12 files to be processed per session. This
restriction is removed on the registered version.

2. Raduga AGC (Automatic Gain Control) Direct-X Processor Plug-in

You and I both know that not all mp3's were created equally, volume wise that is. We have had many requests for a way to keep all the levels the same in Raduga during playback. We have scoured the web looking for just the right plug-in only to find that they all leave something to be desired. So I made contact with db-audioware, the makers of broadcast quality Direct-X plugins. They agreed to help us create the first AGC Direct-X plugin of its kind. How well does it work? Very well. It automatically turns up the volume of low level files and limits the volume of high level files. You'll find it to be a very useful tool. The retail price is only US $79. Download the demo here:


The demo inserts a short beep every 60 seconds. This restriction is removed when you register the plugin.

3. AirList

Ever get tired of creating weeks worth of Playlists only to find that despite your efforts, 2 Michael Jackson songs just played back to back. Did you ever wish you could rotate your music based on category, like an oldie followed by a top hit followed by a new add followed by a ...., well you get the picture. How about having scheduled spots to appear in your Master Playlist window? All of these things can be done with AirList. Making your station sound better than ever. Try a demo of AirList today and make powerful playlists. Download it at:


The demo will not save your settings and is limited to only 4 categories. These restrictions are removed when you register AirList.

If would like to order any of these new products go here.

Spry Group is looking for third party software such as Playlist programs, commercial schedulers, traffic programs, utilities programs, Direct-X plugins, etc. that will work with Raduga that we can provide to our customers.

If you have developed a program that works for you, let us see it. If we like it, we will distribute it for you, making it availbe to thousands of our satisfied customers..

Please contact William Spry WS@raduga.net.


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