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Raduga Tips and Valuable Features

DirectX Support

  • Configure third party plugins to enhance the sound of your station, including compression, limiters, equalizers, stereo enhancers and more.

Live events

  • Configure the mixer channel for live feed in the Options/Line-In dialog.Set the preferred volume using the Windows Volume Control, then mute this channel.  In the event editor, type "120.live" instead of a file name for 2 minutes of live feed (5 minutes would be 300.live).  Check "Run immediately" to fire the live event at the given time.  When the event is due, the currently playing track fades out and the selected mixer line is un-muted.  When the event is over, the line-in channel fades out and the playlist continues.

Schedule Playlists

  • in the event editor, choose a playlist (.alb) file instead of a media file.  When the playlist event is due, the playlist loads and starts with the first track.  Note: Any changes in the previous playlist are not saved automatically.

Chaining Playlists

  • Add the next playlist as the last item of the previous playlist.  This will load the next playlist when the current playlist is over (in Normal mode).

Schedule Play/Stop Commands

  • in the event editor, type ".play" or ".stop" instead of a file name.  The .play command must be an immediate event.  The .play command starts playback at the current playlist position.  Any pending non-immediate events are reset before the playlist is started.  The .stop command can be immediate or non-immediate.  The .stop command fades out the current track and selects the next track in the playlist.

Schedule Programs

  • You can add programs, batch files or scripts in the playlist or as scheduled events.  When such a program is due, it is started asynchronously and the playlist continues instantly. 
  • Supported file types: .exe, .bat, .cmd, .lnk, .vbs, .js, .pl

More Tips to make Raduga easier to use

Independent File Variable Overlap Explained
It's in the filename. Just follow this simple filename format to create individual overlap lengths:
  • OLD FILENAME: Beatles - Let It Be.mp3
  • NEW FILENAME: Beatles - Let It Be~8.mp3 (now allows for an 8 second overlap)

    NOTE: Overlap lengths can be unlimited
    WARNING: Do not make your individual overlap longer than your file length as the file will not play correctly.

Mini-Playlists Explained

  • What in the world is a mini-playlist and what can I do with it?
    A mini-playlist is basically a playlist within a playlist. They are great for creating stop-sets of commercial spots. We also have reports of users creating mini-playlists of special formats such as an A/C station that plays Contemporary Christian Music on Sundays for 6 hours. They just create a 6 hour mini-playlist of CCM and then schedule it on Sundays using our Event Scheduler.
  • Here's how to create one. Open Raduga and Window's Explorer. Go to the directory in Explorer where the audio files are located. Now drag and drop each file needed to create the mini-playlist (.mpl) into Raduga's playlist window. Once you have finished adding files, choose File>Save As>.mpl. Now save the .mpl. You can drag and drop .mpl files into your existing playlist window. When Raduga encounters an .mpl file in the playlist it will open a secondary window revealing the contents of the .mpl and begin playing the first item.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Move playlist items up and down by pushing "U" or "D
  • Push "B" for a break. When current song is done playing Raduga will stop and cue up the next playlist item.
  • Push "P" for play, to start Raduga.
  • Push "S" to stop Raduga.
  • Push "T" to number playlist items.
  • Push "L" to get the total length of the playlist.
  • Push "O" for the options menu.
  • Push "A" for the about box.
  • Push "F" to toggle Full Path of the file.
  • Push "G" to move to the next item in the playlist.
  • Push "N" to start the next item in the playlist.
  • Push "V" to move to the previous item in the playlist.
  • Push "X" to load the mixer.
  • Push "C" for the manual cross-fade.

I Want To Use Raduga To Just To Run My Scheduled Events

  • Start Raduga. Click Media>Enable Events and that's it.  Raduga will not play any playlist items unless you have pressed the play button. However, Raduga will play all scheduled events automatically.

Please refer to our Help section for a wealth of information about how Raduga functions work.

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